We at Wharewaka Lodge are proud to offer eco friendly accommodation in Taupo, New Zealand. We make a concerted effort to implement a sound programme of sustainability, for the betterment of our environment, and to be eco-friendly wherever it is practicable.

Our Sustainability programme includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • We have an active recycling programme, composting all organic material, using our own compost to build our garden.
  • We eliminate packaging where possible and tins, glass, paper and plastics are all sorted and recycled in a weekly collection to a council recycling programme.
  • Our house is double-glazed and has high rating insulation in the floor, walls and ceilings. These moves help to conserve energy in all seasons and provide a pleasant and quiet environment in which to live, at Wharewaka Lodge.
  • An energy efficient heat-pump generates hot water and heating.
  • We have used ‘Resene Eco’ paints in and on our house.
  • In your fridge are natural organic juices, and wines produced in our world famous wineries.
  • Our toiletries are made by ‘Jeymar Company’ in Blenheim, Marlborough countryside, specialising in beautiful, natural, herbal oils and bathroom products and in ‘top-up’ containers, to eliminate plastic ‘throw away’ bottles.
  • ‘Eco-heads’ are fitted in our showers and may be adjusted to conserve water whilst still providing a very satisfactory shower.
  • We are happy to change towels every day, but also invite you to hang them on the towel rail for use for one more day to conserve water, energy and soaps.
  • Our cleaning products are eco-friendly where practicable.
  • Our surface water is directed to underground sumps to prevent run off to our precious lake and our ‘loos’ are dual flush in order to conserve water.
  • We use eco-friendly lightbulbs where possible and encourage ‘switching off’ where possible.
  • We have been keen landscapers for some years, having created several gardens, including one large ‘show-garden’ and been active in reserves and parks planting schemes and walking tracks.
  • We endeavour to keep our adjacent beach and park clear of rubbish.

We encourage you all, whilst you are visiting our wonderful country to implement our ‘clean, green’ policies and be discerning when buying goods in New Zealand by asking for less packaging and biodegradable waste to be disposed of responsibly.

Thank you for your discretion.

Please make the most of every moment in our beautiful New Zealand, clean rivers, lakes, beaches, mountains and air!